CAN YOU SEE US? NO YOU CAN’T It hasn’t been Corona Extra with its pleasant malt and hop aromas that has kept us all 2 metres apart and bereft of barista coffee and live gigs. But you know what Corona it is, so for now, just for now, the live gig launch for the latest release from Datura4 is postponed. Sometime down the track, when you are no longer contingent on the internet to slake your musical lust, we will let you know where we will be playing - LIVE, TO AN AUDIENCE! Meanwhile, you can find us with others who have hawked their souls to You Tube. Some YouTube vids below, including our latest vid performance for the Broome Salt Water Festival 2020.
WARREN HALL drums | BOB PATIENT keys | JOE GRECH guitar, vocals | STU LOASBY bass, vocals | DOM MARIANI guitar, vocals
© 2020 DATURA4 | Fremantle and Perth, Western Australia


Since you can’t experience the explosive sound of Datura4 live, here are some vids to satisfy your boogie rock hankerings, and you can find more HERE